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Platforms for Good has a diverse team working hard and smart together to achieve our common purpose of re-imagining how community, health and social services can be delivered and experienced.

Vidhya Makam

Chief Operating Officer

Vidhya leads the operational front for Platforms for Good. She is an expert in solving people and process issues using smart people-centric systems. She brings a wealth of experience across the health and social services systems, and deep insights into how to achieve world class outcomes,  greater impact and meaningful improvements. Vidhya has worked as a CIO at a DHB, as Chief Digital Officer at a major service provider and has been Chief Operating Officer for software companies focussed on health and social services.  For Vidhya there has never been a better time than now to overcome barriers and improve the access and choice for people needing  health, social and community services in Aotearoa NZ. 

Mark Jeffries

Strategic Director

Mark is strategic director and a founder of Platforms for Good. He is committed to empowering people and building resilient communities through the use of affordable and easy-to-use technology. Mark believes Aotearoa NZ can be a world leader in new approaches to unlocking and enabling the vast, resilient capability of people in our diverse communities. He has spent his working life improving traditional systems and approaches, from the inside and from the outside. Mark has over 30 years experience in business, starting and growing technology companies, has held governance and advisory roles, and before that led innovative areas of law, bringing new thinking and processes to the practice of law as a partner in a major law firm.  

Amy Stone

Head of User Experience

Amy leads the people interface at Platforms for Good working with a diverse team of caring and skilled customer facing team. Amy ensures the platforms we develop and operate provide an intuitive and meaningful experience  for users and their whānau. She has insights into the lived experience of people from all walks of life and cares deeply about concepts of wellbeing, support and kotahitanga. Amy has many years experience in patient liaison and advocacy in the health and social services system. She has in-depth knowledge of the barriers in current system delivery and believes  that by giving people the right tools and more direct power and control there will be improved outcomes and better experiences of health and social services.

Kingsley Huang

Head of Development

Kingsley is from Guangzhou, China and has been a proud kiwi resident for 13 years. Kingsley started his working life in customer services, and his lifelong interest in gaming then led him into digital technology. He gained his software development degree in New Zealand and hasn't looked back. Kingsley has been with Platforms for Good since we started and has played a key role in our evolution from a single platform to a multi-platform company. He is a specialist front end developer and is also our head of development. Kingsley leads a talented team as we design, develop and deploy platform and marketplace technologies to address important health and social challenges in New Zealand and elsewhere.