We are honoured to have some incredible people who are willing to give their time to advise us on our journey.

Elizabeth Longworth

Elizabeth chairs our advisory panel. She knows how to collaborate and she understands how new access models can have immense impact on people, communities and nations. She is a kiwi who has had some pretty big NZ and international roles and she recognises the potential we have in NZ to lead impact projects using Platforms for Good. More

Ranjna Patel (ONZM, QSM)

Ranjna has a reputation for getting things started, and most of all, getting things done. She has lived experience as a champion of new ways to deliver health and social services in urban Aotearoa. She understands how to deliver at the coal face and Platforms for Good will benefit from her vast insights. More

Gill Gatfield

Gill advises Platforms for Good on social equity issues and creative innovation. She is an author, artist and advocate for diversity and inclusion for women and minorities in Aotearoa NZ. Her thought leadership was recognised in 2020 when she was included in the international top 25 Creative Revolutionaries, ‘artists and arts collaborators, leading the way for positive change’. More