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We develop and operate online platforms enabling people, communities and
governments to re-imagine how community, health and social services can be accessed
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MYCARE is New Zealand’s largest online community of people seeking or offering home and community support. Mycare makes it super easy for people to find or give all kinds of support, then manage, pay, and keep records, safely end-to-end in every NZ community. 

“Clients can choose and meet their carers before they start work and it gives better rapport between us... Mycare knows how to do it right” – Clarissa

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TE HEKE MAI is a ground breaking in-work support programme that provides wrap-around support and coaching for people returning to work from the unemployment benefit, for people who have recently lost their jobs, people looking for work and people in training.

“Te Heke Mai coaches helped me to be more confident at work and gave me some great goals to keep in mind everyday ” – James

GUMBOOT FRIDAY is an online platform connecting people needing mental wellbeing support with counsellors anywhere in New Zealand. Counselling is easy to access and free. GUMBOOT FRIDAY removes barriers so support is easier to get when it is needed.

“Gumboot Friday connected me to a counsellor who understood what I was going through, and I never even had to worry about the cost of getting help.” – Anon

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PLATFORMS FOR GOOD are currently developing more online platforms. Our kaupapa is to radically improve people’s access to, and experience of, health and social services in
New Zealand and around the world.

At Platforms for Good we empower people, they are the biggest and best natural, renewable resource there is!”